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Holy Trinity has recently partnered with the Minnick School location in Wytheville to provide a bag of wholesome, nutritous meals and snacks to their students who don't always get enough to eat over the weekends. The staff at the school had come to notice that many children would arrive at school hungry on Monday mornings. When folks at Holy Trinity were made aware of this, and found out that these children were not a part of any similar backpack program found in other local schools, the Grace & Love Action Team made a decision to embark on our own program. Modeling ourselves after the "Micah's Backback" program at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Blacksburg, and with input from the Minnick School, our "Luther's Lunch Bags" program was born.


The Minnick School is an arm of Lutheran Family Services, and our partnership is a natural one. The highly-trained teachers at the Wytheville branch, located just outside of town on Grayson Rd, work with children who cannot always meet the challenges of a traditional school setting and provides opportunities and stategies for those students to become successful. Their curriculum is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and serves childen ages 5 to 22, from twenty-four Virginia school districts.


Please visit Minnick's website to find out more about the wonderful work they are doing.

Lutheran Family Services - Minnick Schools


How can I help?

We have created four basic menus - one for each week of the month, so that there would be a variety of foods for the students to take home on Friday. We are currenty providing food for 25 students, which is purchased, stocked, packed, and delivered by Holy Trinity volunteers.


LLB-Packing02Members or friends of the congregation can help by volunteering to shop, pack the bags, and deliver them to the school. Monetary donations are also needed for the food purchases, and you can rest assurred that every penny is used for that purpose.The approximate cost for filling a bag for a year, for one student is $190.00. Several generous members of our congregation have pledged that amount to "sponsor" a child.


A list of menu items is on the table in the connector if you would prefer to purchase food yourself.


What else can we do?

Ashley Wright - Teacher gift bag - croppedA staff member accepts our gift bag.The Minnick School has expressed interest in people volunteering to come to the school to read to children, tutor, or just be a friend to a child that may need a little extra attention. Let anyone on the Grace & Love Action Team know if you are interested.

We truly care about the people who work with these special children. Theirs is not always an easy job. In November, the committee filled bags with small gifts and food for the entire Minnick School staff. They appreciated them very much - especially the hand-written personal notes that were included. We would like to do that at various times of the year, and you can help with that too!


And last but not least, pray for the children, their parents, and the teaches and staff who are doing a very special ministry.


Thank you VERY much!


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